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Power Utilities and Telcos require Telephone Isolation systems to minimize the effects of life threatening and equipment damaging incidents. These incidents can arise when copper communication lines are affected by “Earth Potential Rise” (EPR), lightning or other electrical interference.

The use of telephone services in areas where high levels of electrical energy can enter the circuit requires some method of protecting personnel and equipment from the release of the energy. The phenomena which generate these conditions include EPR, lightning, electrostatic and electromagnetic induction (for example, elimination of RF field pickup in copper lines near high power transmitters). In the past, protection has been achieved by barrier isolation transformers and relays. This method would typically give up to 25kV of isolation.

Our portfolio of solutions is based on a concept of interrupting copper communication circuits and inserting a functionally transparent non conducting fibre link. The result is to create electrical isolation within the copper circuit with two small electronic terminals connected with a pair of fibre optic cables.

One terminal is connected to the telephone equipment situated within the area of high voltage, while the other is connected to the telephone line and is mounted in an area where there is no high voltage hazard. This can be reversed if the exchange is in the hazard area, eg power station PABX.

Electrical isolation can be up to 100kV per meter of cable used, due to the plastic or glass construction of the fibre optic cables.

Our Optical Link family of isolation products was initially designed by Ericsson. DAVAS has gradually upgraded the product range into what is now known as the eLYTE Optical Link family.

The eLYTE Optical Link family consists of a voice and data 2 Wire POTS solution. Installation methods are flexible and several different housing options are available, depending upon the isolation required, number of units being installed, and available space

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