eLYTE 2 Wire POTS link

The eLYTE Optical Link family provides electrical isolation for 2 Wire copper lines into, through and out of an area where a fault situation could create a dangerous earth potential relative to the telephone network.

This 2 Wire POTS Isolation Card is designed for voice and low bandwidth data applications including POTS circuits, 2-wire loop start trunks, fax lines, dial-up modem lines, or remote meter reading. The primary function of the Card is to provide isolation from voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit. All signaling information within the specified 300–4000 Hz frequency bandwidth are unaffected.

The eLYTE Optical Link consists of two small electronic terminals connected with a pair of fibre optic cables.

One terminal is connected to the telephone equipment situated within the area of high voltage, while the other is connected to the telephone line and is mounted in an area where there is no high voltage hazard. This can be reversed if the exchange is in the hazard area, eg power station PABX.

The terminal connected to the exchange line is powered via the telephone line from the exchange battery. The terminal connected to the customer equipment is powered locally from a 20 – 57Vdc supply. A suitable supply with back-up can be provided if the customer does not have this facility.

The eLYTE 2 Wire POTS solution comes with 3 fibre connection options to match your fibre distance requirements:

Plastic fibre – up to 20 m
Multi mode fibre – up to 2 km
Single mode fibre – up to 1.6 km – 6dBm fiber attenuation
Single Mode Adapter – up to 70 km